Passione per il lavoro - Baccicchetto vini

Love for earth and its fruits

Federico and Riccardo Baccichetto

For over 50 years the Baccicchetto’s Family has been involved in the cultivation of wine grape. The passion for the agricultural world and its products, especially for the wine, has lead the family to transform the company from a purely winegrapes growing company to a winery that produces traditional wines of the Piave River area such as the Prosecco DOC. Today, Federico and Riccardo lead the company, and thanks to the union of modernity and tradition they carry on the mission started many years ago by their grandfather Sisto and then continued by their father Luigi and uncle Franco.


 Third generation winemakers

“Our aim is still the one of our grandfather Sisto’s:

producing quality wine grape which provide a genuine and excellent wine to taste with pleasure and delight.”

Federico Baccichetto

Our wines


Passion and commitment to improving

“We aim to the production of quality wine grapes combining the use of modern vineyards with Sylvoz and double arched cane training systems to the use of traditional techniques such as the Bellussera training system, the typical ray system used in the area on the left bank of the Piave River, especially suitable for particularly vigorous vine varieties.”

Riccardo Baccichetto

Versata - Federico e Riccardo Baccichetto - Roncadelle

Come and visit us!

Our winery is located in Roncadelle di Ormelle (Treviso).Here you will have the possibility to taste our wines and also buy them in the available formats: bottle, bag in box or in bulk.

Via Fontane, 4
31024 Roncadelle di Ormelle (TV)

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