Bag in box

The Bag in Box solution

The Bag in box system is an innovative yet already largely used storage system for liquids. Bag in box means that the wine is contained in an aluminium bag, which is in turn inserted in a cardboard box, thus ensuring an easy handling and storage.


The reasons for the success of this kind of packaging are due to its cost-effectiveness compared to the traditional bottle and to its property of keeping the freshness of liquids, limiting air inlet and avoiding oxidation.

List of wines available for bag in box

The benefits of the bag in box solution:

  • reduces waste
  • the wine does not deteriorate and can be stored for a long time after opening
  • the shape is suitable both for storage and for the fridge
  • unbreakable, ecologic and completely reciclable

2 formats available:

  • BIG – 10 LITRES