Our history, our tradition

Our company was born from the entrepreneurial endeavor of our grandfather Sisto, who with wisdom and perseverance started back in the ’60s to produce wine grape with traditional means. After Sisto, Franco and Luigi took the helm of the family business and inherited the love for the earth and its fruits, increasing the area planted with vines, the technology on the field and in the winery, combining tradition and modern technology. Now Federico and Riccardo, helped by the experience and competence of their father Luigi, have risen with enthusiasm to the challenge of personally taking care of the vineyard, something that has been passed on from father to son for years.

The grape cultivated in the 25 hectares located in Roncadelle (province of Treviso) and Rivarotta (province of Pordenone), which is also the regular choice of selected suppliers of the area, is transformed with the utmost care and passion in the winery of Roncadelle. The sale of the wine takes place directly in the headquarter, in a spacius and practical sales area, or with home delivery or through trusted dealers.

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