Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located in two areas very different one from the other, but both extremely suitable for viticulture.

In Roncadelle, with medium textured soil which provide an adequate acidity with fresh and fruity aromas, takes place the cultivation of mainly white grape vine and of the Raboso Piave. On the other hand, the clay and heavy soil in Rivarotta which gives birth to wines with remarkable structure, body and alcohol content, is where we cultivate almost exclusively red grape vine.

We aim to the production of quality wine grapes by using modern vineyards with Sylvoz training system, double arched cane system with high density of cuttings per hectare, together with the bellussere, the traditional ray system of the left bank of the Piave River, particularly suitable for vigorous vine varieties such as the Raboso Piave, Cabernet Franc and Malvasia.


I vigneti di Roncadelle

I vigneti di Rivarotta