The heart of our work

Our objective is still the same one as grandfather Sisto’s: producing quality wine grapes which give a genuine and excellent wine to taste with pleasure and delight.

Our winery, recently built, joines modern equipment with a traditional idea of wine. For this reason, from the grape crushing to the direct selling we use stainless steel equipment which is practical and easy to wash. Besides conditioning stainless steel vessels we still use vitrified concrete tanks, excellent for the long-term storage of wines thanks to their thick walls which maintain a steady temperature.

The quality of the product is ensured also by the owners, who are always present during every phase of the process, and by a constant cleanliness of the winery.

We sell our wines in the dedicated area where you can also taste them directly from the barrel, for the sale in demijohn, or from the bag in box or the bottles.


Come and visit us!

We will be glad to welcome you and let you taste our wines in our point of sale!